Office Partition

Glass Partitions for Office

Glass Partitions are perfect for office zoning and division. They visually expand the space and create a feeling of lightness and vastness increasing the amount of natural light and creating a warm ambiance inside. glass partitions, glass walls, glass dividers, frameless glass wall, framed glass wall, fixed glass wall, office partitions, office dividers, office walls, office design, office interior, modern office, industrial style, glass enclosure, glass conference room, glass wall design.

Aluminium Partitions

Office partitions of any sort are better than making full and permanent walls. Aluminium partitions, in particular, are effective here since they are the cheapest option and are very useful in trapping light and heat inside the rooms they cover. They are also efficient because they can be removed at any time without much effort if any major remodelling of the workspace is required as they are nothing but a bunch of light-weight screens that are temporary.

Window Branding

Window branding has become one of the most effective ways of advertising. Graphic window displays can advertise your product or brand, promote special offers or even cover up an empty shop front during refurbishment. A mixture of digital print, Vinyl Graphics and one-way perforated window films can be used to present the correct image.

Window Frosting

Privacy is essential from both in and outside your home.  No one likes onlookers, so if you have street facing windows hide the downstairs rooms from the outside with Privacy Window Film. Not only does it give privacy and security, its translucency allows natural light to stream in making the rooms inside feel private but still light and airy.  Choose a plain Opaque Window Film for total privacy or a cut-out design at standing eye level if you would still like to look out of the window.

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